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We’ve Still got the vibes but lost the tribes!

 We’ve still got the vibes but lost the tribes. Has the musical mainstream killed them off? G D Sweeney 30/11/15   If you switched on your radio and set the dial to any of the mainstream stations, you might be inclined to think to yourself that every ‘new’ song has been manufactured to sound like last week’s no.1. Moreover, when you…

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Deja View

Has Country Music run out of things to say? G D Sweeney 21/08/15 Whiskey drinking, Pickup trucks, tailgates, prison songs, small town life and heartbreak. All of the above have been ever-present themes in the Country Music genre from the pioneers like Jimmy Rogers to the modern-day protagonists. Repetition is no stranger to the music business, in fact it is very much…

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The Business of Musical Dreams

G D Sweeney 12/07/15   If fame and fortune was a town, there would only be one road to get into it and you can be assured that the route would be lined with toll booths every one hundred yards! It’s always been free to dream…of finally receiving artistic recognition and of all the wonders that a successful music career might bring, but if you dare to act upon your burning ambitions, be prepared to pay a bit more…

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Generically modified music anyone?

23/02/15 A few months ago I was listening admiringly to the mega pop hit ‘All about the Bass’ by Meghan Trainor. I caught myself thinking ‘this sounds catchy, fresh and promising… I wonder what she’ll follow this big hit up with? I didn’t have to wait very long before I was invited by the Radio…

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Country Goes Pop and is now exploding in the UK.

If I’m ever asked to describe my original music with reference genre or style, my automatic response is usually met with a slight hesitation and feeling that it might take more than a few words to fully explain myself. In a UK music market which; is dominated by Pop, Rock and Indie music, I’m very…

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Banjo is the mojo of the day.

– 13th November 2014 20 years ago I walked into a music shop in Belfast, fully intending to buy a saxophone – and walked out instead with a 5-string banjo.  Whatever alluring and mystical impulse overcame me on the day, it drew me towards this wonderful instrument.  Frankly; it changed my life and started me…

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The Truth Will Out! (soon)

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With the finishing touches currently being added to the new album, it is likely that the long-awaited Gavin D Sweeney record ‘The Truth about Lies’ will not arrive for commercial sale until early next year.   “Having gone to such lengths to craft and produce a body of work which I am truly proud of,…

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Love is in the Éire

November 5th 2013 – I’m always on the look out for interesting subject matters or song titles. Some hit makers might claim that it’s still all about ‘The Love’ and it’s just finding a fresh way to say those well-worn words! Can Irish men write love songs? If I’m to believe from all accounts that…

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