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With the finishing touches currently being added to the new album, it is likely that the long-awaited Gavin D Sweeney record ‘The Truth about Lies’ will not arrive for commercial sale until early next year.


“Having gone to such lengths to craft and produce a body of work which I am truly proud of, and going to the trouble to meticulously handpick a cast of quality musicians to convey the unique mix of musical flavours in each of the songs, I am not sparing anything on the final and crucial outcomes”


This is my maiden voyage into the world of Country Music. It is safe to say however; it’s certainly not a conventional one, or something; which necessarily tallies with current country music trends.


I would categorise my sound as ‘Celtic Country’; a transadlantic fusion of styles which incorporate elements from Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Old Time, Honky Tonk, Traditional Irish, and even Middle Eastern melodies,


As a bluegrass banjo player and Traditional Irish musician of many years; I have developed a love and understanding of folk styles and country based music. I wanted to combine this with my passion for songs. From the opening number ‘The Night Before’; I have tried to embrace a unique approach through my own brand of modern storytelling. I suppose you might call it ‘Country Alchemy’.


‘Devil in my wine’, is not just a musical experiment or an eclectic soundscape in the Country genre. The backbone of this album is built on some of my best material. Two songs of which have been previously recorded by ‘The South’ aka ‘The Beautiful South; (multi-million selling artists) who have already acknowledged the potential of my songwriting abilities.


I seek to infect you with lilting melodies, leave you; intrigued by the characters that are vividly portrayed in my musical tales, leave you fascinated by the blend of styles and sounds that echo in your ears, and moreover; Invite you to dream of the curious situations and wondrous places that I try to illustrate in my songs.


The album will include 12 tracks. Having been self-funded and self- produced, It is left to me to provide you with a record which according to some of my musical contemporaries; is packed with great songs and wonderful moments throughout. I have sought to bring you the best that I can write, and present it in a manner that gives you a definitive insight into my ‘Celtic Country Music World’


I hope that you are as excited about the outcome. as I am about; it’s forthcoming release!

I shall keep ye posted on the subsequent release date.



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